Konami Free Slots

If you know Konami as a video game developer, you might be surprised to find out that it has a good selection of slot machines. In fact, it's one of the biggest providers of pokies with over 60 years of experience. This company has the money and knowledge to create the best games, and it doesn't shy away from using them. Konami pokies are also recognized among Australian punters, and now you can choose and play a game for free here.

Overview of the Best Konami Games for Aussies

Konami started in 1969 as a small repair company in Japan but quickly moved away from this idea, venturing into the video game industry in 1973. They began producing arcade machines and even developed a few gamer favourites, including Super Cobra. Throughout the 80s and 90s, the company developed games for Atari 2600 and Nintendo, many of which became bestsellers. We bet many Aussies have heard of Castlevania and Metal Gear series. Both of them were created in the 80s by Konami.

Even though Konami never stopped developing video games, it started paying great attention to the gambling industry in the 90s. Many of the games developed for PC were also adapted for slot gaming. In 1996, Konami Australia was opened and started offering pachinko machines (Japanese version of slots). As of today, they offer lots of video slots to Aussies and regularly release new games.

Since Konami is an old company, a lot has happened throughout the years. We listed a few interesting facts below:

  •         This was the first company to release a console game.
  •         Konami fans also like Aristocrat slots. You can play free slots from Aristocrat on our website, too.
  •         Konami is a big fan of moai heads, so you can find them in many slot and poker machines.

Best Konami Free Slot Machines of All Time

Unlike many other software developers that like to experiment, Konami stands true to its original formula. It knows how to produce successful free games, and it has been doing it for years. Below, you can see its best creations:

  1.   China Shores. As an Asian developer, Konami couldn’t avoid creating an Asian-themed slot machine. This slot is full of Yin/Yang symbols, Balance of Fortune bonuses, and Chinese lanterns. It doesn’t have annoying visuals or repetitive music; instead, it offers simple gameplay that can nonetheless keep you on your toes for quite some time. Enjoying free slots at Bestslots, you don’t have to worry about deposit bonuses or promo codes as you will be using virtual funds.No deposit, registration or download required!
  2.   Astronomical Magic. Magic is a popular theme in the gambling industry, and Aussies seem to love it, too. Maybe that’s why this Konami slot is such a big deal. Full of spell books, magic potions, and scales, it lets you win up to 500 credits when you fill an entire payline. Unlike the first game, Astronomical Magic has more special symbols and bonus rounds, so the entertainment factor is definitely there.
  3.   Solstice Celebration. This slot is a lot like Astronomical Magic, but with different symbols and graphics. This is an old classic game that just makes you feel nostalgic. The reels are full of flowers, suns, and ponies. Little audio snippets play every time you hit a prize. The game just feels cosy and inviting, and that’s why it’s one of the favourites.
  4.   Sparkling Roses. If we had to name a “girly game”, this would be our best option. A blonde girl is the star of the show, and she is surrounded by perfume bottles and emeralds. However, this game isn’t for girls only. It’s for all Aussies that like simple yet enticing gameplay. Random multipliers can show up anytime and give you much more than your bet.
  5.   Chili Chili Fire. This is a fun Mexican-themed slot that is nothing like previous pokie machines. It has a unique feature called Fade Away that removes symbols you don’t want and replaces them with something better. There are so many features that you never know what is going to show up. Symbols catch fire and burn off, new symbols appear, wilds and scatters replace them… If you crave fast-paced action, this game is for you.

The Best Free Konami Slots That Australians Play For Fun

Konami is known for its quality, so no matter what game you choose, you’ll get the best gameplay, graphics, and sound effects. However, Aussies just fancy some titles more than others. Let’s have a look at these popular Konami slot games free online:

  1.   Fortune Stacks. This is an Asia-themed slot that encourages you to collect golden eggs to unlock fun bonus rounds. With its bright colours and crisp visuals, this simple game is very popular among Aussies.
  2.   Heart of Romance. This game is all about jewels and hearts that open bonus rounds. When you start the bonus game (it’s one of the deposit bonuses, but you can try it for free), you can choose whether you want to have a higher winning chance with lower-value symbols or have a chance to hit the biggest win.
  3.   Rocky Slots. This is probably the most popular Konami slot machine in Australia. The company has a licence to produce casino slot games about Rocky, giving you an opportunity to follow a famous boxer on his adventures.
  4.   Destiny of Athena. This is a mythology-themed game with lots of cool features, such as 100x multipliers. Even though it has special symbols and interesting mechanics, the gameplay is simple. So, it’s a good option for beginners.
  5.   African Diamond. This free slot lets you place big bets and feel like a high roller. In return, it offers interesting bonus rounds that reward players with free spins.

New Konami Free Slots: Our Top Picks

Even though Konami is an old company, it never stops growing and releasing new titles. Now, it works with a global audience in mind, so many of the new Konami slots are available for Australians. These three games are just a few examples:

  1.   Dynamite Dash. This game is all about landing big wins while venturing deep into the mine. Lucky players who spot six gold trains will have a chance to win a big virtual jackpot. Add some scatters and other special symbols, and you’ll see why this new game is already popular.
  2.   Jumpin’ Jalapeños. This game takes you to a little Mexican town where you participate in a Jalapeno eating contest. The more heat you can handle, the bigger your rewards are. 
  3.   Money Blast! This is one of the most technologically advanced Konami games. Featuring modern graphics, this video slot comes with 11 paying symbols, bet multipliers, and jackpots.

How and Where to Play Konami Slots For Fun For Free in Australia

You don’t need to download any software to play Konami games. Just click any slot game you like on our website and click “Play”. You don’t even need to create an account to get a Vegas-style gambling experience. If you are looking to have some fun with Konami slots, Bestslots website is all you need.

It’s worth it to play Konami slot games because they are known for interesting twists and tweaks that you can discover for free. This company is focused on enhancing standard slot mechanics instead of changing them, so you can see how your ordinary spins turn into jackpots and bonus rounds.

Speaking of features that these free games have, they can be divided into three groups:

  1.   Action-stacked symbols. Almost every Konami slot on our website has these symbols. A game selects one single symbol to stack for that spin. If you are lucky, stacks of these symbols will turn into winnings.
  2.   Balance of Fortune. This feature gives you a unique chance to choose how the bonus round is going to play out. Usually, you can choose between a chance for many smaller payouts or a risky shot at one big payout.
  3.   Mirror Reels. This is a bonus round that usually gives free spins. The feature name is pretty self-explanatory – the left and right reels mirror each other, making it easier to hit a winning combination.

Konami is known for these unique mechanics that other providers don’t have. It does the same trick with progressive jackpots – instead of creating something totally new, it twists a traditional mechanic. On our website, you can play these Konami jackpot games and see it for yourself.

Two games with progressive jackpots are Pirate’s Jackpot and Pharoah’s Wish. These are stand-alone games that aren’t linked to each other. Konami also has a few pokie machines, such as Power Boost Inferno, that are linked across many participating casinos.

One of the most recent innovations of Konami is adding mechanics of other casino games to slots. For example, its Crystal Cyclone slot also has a roulette wheel as a bonus round. When triggered, players receive bonuses based on where the ball landed. A few of their games also have skill-based bonus rounds where you need to navigate a character around obstacles to receive higher virtual payouts.

The Best Konami Slots Free Play Machines For Beginners

Most Konami slots have simple game mechanics that are suitable for newbies. All you need to do is pick a game on our website and spin the reels. Still, if you don’t mind getting a recommendation from us, here are our top picks for beginners:

  •         Fortune Stacks. Asian-themed slots are Konami staples, and this one is a classic. Full of Bonsai trees, jewels, and gold coins, it invites you to discover the power of an emperor.
  •         Golden Wolves. This is a 5-reel slot with 30 paylines and a few high-paying symbols. Wilds and scatters help you hit winning combinations, so you won’t feel lost while playing for free.
  •       Wonder Rose. This is a sweet slot machine full of flowers, birds, and diamonds. A wild is a beautiful rose that replaces a symbol to help you create a winning combination. Free spins and multipliers are the cherry on this flower cake.

Top-3 Free Konami Slot Machine Games of This Year

Konami regularly makes it to the top lists with its games. So, we couldn’t resist creating our own list with the best Konami free slots. Based solely on our own opinion, here are our top pics:

  1.   Dragon’s Law Twin Fever: This is a Chinese-themed slot machine with five reels and 30 paylines. If you are lucky, you will see a dragon that will drop additional prizes.
  2.   Lion Festival: Boosted Celebration. This slot has a unique mechanic – a boosted middle reel that makes it easier to form a winning combination. On top of that, the pokie game is packed with special symbols and bonuses, as well as the Balance of the Fortune system.
  3.   Castlevania: Labyrinth of Love. Konami has quite a few Castlevania slots, but this one is our favourite. This 5-reel slot has a built-in mini-game where you need to kill enemies in the castle. Kill the boss to grab the biggest reward and continue your journey.

How to Play Free Konami Pokies on Android/iOS Devices

Even though Konami started as a developer for physical casinos, those days are long gone. Its modern games are developed for mobile devices, including Android and iOS phones and tablets. If you have a smartphone, you can play Konami games on our website. There is no app to download and no file to install. Just take your mobile device, click the game icon, and enjoy.

Yay or Nay: The Pros and Cons of Konami Free Casino Slot Games

Konami is one of the largest gaming corporations that is known for quality, so you really can’t go wrong with its free slots. Still, like any other company, it has its pros and cons. We can easily think about quite a few advantages of Konami free online slots:

  •         They are made by one of the most experienced providers, and it shows.
  •         Games feature unique mechanics developed by Konami.
  •         Konami is licensed to operate in Australia, and it opened its Australian office in the 90s.
  •         The developer is tried and tested by generations of gamblers.


When it comes to disadvantages, we can only name a few things:

  •         Konami likes to stick to classic mechanics, so there are not that many modern features in games.
  •         Konami needs lots of time to develop a game, so it doesn’t have as many fresh releases as some other providers.

Our Final Thoughts About Konami Free Slots

Konami has decades of gaming experience and a stellar reputation in the gambling industry. Every time it releases a new game, it becomes a favourite. The company also owns a few licences to create movie-based slot machines and use iconic characters in its games. It has quite a few devoted fans in Australia and around the world, and this love is deserved.

Konami is one of the largest Japanese games in the gambling industry that has support from software developers around the world. There are not that many companies that have the same resources to produce slot machines. Even though it started as a small company, it managed to become a global name. It now regularly comes up with games with the best visuals and sounds. It also understands the importance of balance between good gameplay, interesting features, and alluring visuals.

The future of the brand is bright, so we see no reason not to give it a try. You can also try slots from other well-known providers, such as Aristocrat. Especially when all you need to do is to click a game icon on this website and start playing.


  • Can Australian punters play Konami free slot games online?

    Yes, Australians can legally play Konami slots on our website. These games are free, so you don’t need to spend any money or download software.

  • Do I need to create an account to play Konami free slots?

    Yes, there is no need to create an account to play free games on this website. You can stay completely anonymous.

  • What Konami slots free titles are the best?

    There is no bad Konami game, they are all the best among slots. But if we have to name a few top titles, we recommend China Shores, Chili Chili Fire, and Solstice Celebration.