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The industry of online gambling is showing promise. The significant growth of this industry can be attributed to the rising number of unique game developers in the market. Each new developer is committed to bringing games which are better than before to the table. If you're sitting in Australia and looking to play free slots online, Shuffle Master might just be the developer you need. Today we'll give you a quick rundown of Shuffle Master's pokies online. All of these slot games are free to play, making them the perfect match for newbies. So, without further ado, let's dive right into the world curated by Shuffle Master!
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About Shuffle Master Game Provider

Shuffle Master, now known as SHFL Entertainment, was established in the heart of Nevada. Jon Breeding, a former truck driver, took inspiration from a news article on card counting to make mechanical pokie machines. His invention eliminated the card-counting strategy allowing each hand in Blackjack to be dealt from a fresh deck. The device was rolled out in 1992 along with Shuffle Master’s IPO.

However, the game developer had more challenges to worry about. In 1995, the house developed a single-deck game, Let It Ride, to tackle the problem of casinos using multiple decks instead of the machine created by Shuffle Master. Let It Ride went on to rake in more revenue than Shuffle Master’s proprietary machine, effectively making way for the firm to switch its market and enter the pokies machine business in the late 90′ s.

Shuffle Master made its name in the new market with stunning titles like The Honeymooners, Press Your Luck, and Let’s Make A Deal. They partnered with the infamous IGT for distribution. Once the trend sent traditional pokies out of fashion, Shuffle Master sold its slots business to IGT for 2.4 million AUD and acquired a majority stake in BET Technology (known for making games like Casino War and Fortune Pai Gow).

But the entry of Shuffle Master into the online gaming industry came in the period between 2012 and 2013. The company changed its name to SHFL Entertainment and built a game called Mulligan poker that was powered by IGT software. Later in July 2013, Bally Technologies acquired SHFL for AUD 1.95 billion.

Best Shuffle Master Free Pokies of All Time

Shuffle Master is best known for its engaging collection of games. This legacy casino game developer has paid extensive attention to its limited but super immersive roster of games. Amongst all the free Shuffle Master slots, we’ve picked out 3 of the most engaging pokies you can jump onto at Bestslots!

88 Fortune

Out of all the free Shuffle Master slots, 88 Fortunes stands out because of its high RTP of 96%. The game reflects the classic taste of an online pokie game that keeps you hooked until the end. It has progressive jackpot gameplay along with traditional Chinatown graphics. Additionally, this game can run on minimal system requirements quite smoothly.

Let It Ride

You might remember this game from the “About’ section of our blog. Let It Ride by Shuffle Master has been around for quite a while. After all, it was the pioneer game that made Shuffle Master what it is today. Even though the game was initially offered on offline slot machines, the online revision is equally amazing. This classic is a progressive jackpot poker game that plays against a pay table. 

Additionally, you also get two exciting side bets – a 3-card bonus game and a progressive wager! All in all, Let It Ride is a classic, and we highly recommend it for Australian gamblers.

Siberian Storm

Talking of free Shuffle Master slot machines, we arrive at a classic of all times, Siberian Storm. This game has been around for a while, and rightfully so. It takes players on a journey through the white and challenging Siberian Landscape. Apart from the 96% RTP, the storytelling of this game is what makes it a top choice for us. The best part? You can play this game for free!

Shuffle Master Slots for Free: Australian Choice

Coming down from the free Shuffle Master slots of all time, we now will turn our attention to the best Shuffle Master slot games for the Australian audience. 

If you’re an eager pokie player wanting a taste of Shuffle Master’s roster, this collection at Bestslots is all you need. For this section, we are going to include a title that’s extremely immersive and another one that is soothing and simple. So without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

Dancing Drums Explosion

This game hits the right spot when it comes to free Shuffle Master slot games you can play. Shuffle Master’s Dancing Drums Explosion is one of the most soothing games we have played in a while. The soulful game takes you to the heart of the Chinese forests. In combination to that, you get a progressive jackpot mechanic. It’s one of the best Shuffle Master free slots online that helps you unwind on the weekends!

Deep Sea Magic

Deep Sea Magic is the most immersive Shuffle Master slots for free we’ve come across. It takes you on a journey into the heart of our beautiful planet, to the depths of the ocean. Straight out of Atlantis, this game features crisp graphics, smooth flowy gameplay, and stellar music. 

The game is perfect for Australian players who are charmed by the sea and look to it for a quick getaway. Just playing this slot reminded us of fresh seafoam and the ocean breeze hitting our face!

Thus, whether you’re a newbie or an aristocrat gambler sitting in Australia, we recommend these Shuffle Master free online slots to you. Spin the reels and delve into the magic of Shuffle Master’s online gambling collection right away.

New Shuffle Master Free Slots

For every good game developer introducing new games once in a while is a mandate. Developers like Shuffle Master are constantly testing and running new games to enhance the player experience. That’s why despite their robust collection of online slot and poker machines, they keep adding more.

Now, if you’ve been a Shuffle Master loyalist for a while, the old games may have gotten boring. That’s why we bring to you a brief list of the new games that Shuffle Master has launched:

  • 5 Treasures: This one is a relatively new Shuffle Masters free slots game that they launched. It consists of peak graphics performance and a smooth gameplay experience.
  • 88 Fortunes and 88 Fortunes Megaways: The 88 Fortunes series by Shuffle Master keeps bringing a greater punch with each title. The traditional classic and the new game are very soothing. However, the Megaways version takes it a notch up and is meant for an audience that loves the thrill.
  • Dancing Drums Collection: The Dancing Drums collection consists of three robust free Shuffle Master slot game titles. While the original is targeted toward a classic audience, Dancing Drums Explosion, Dancing Drums Prosperity, and Dancing Drums MegaDrop are made for newer audiences. They host enhanced gameplay functions, progressive jackpots, alongside a unique gaming experience.
  • Eureka Reel Blast: This game is a jackpot free slots game by Shuffle Master. It has the makings of a fun and simple jackpot game that will keep you immersed.

Thus, Shuffle Master’s latest collection of online gambling games is quite the catch. However, we still look forward to better game load times and smoother gameplay in their future games.

Where to Play Free Shuffle Master Slot Games Without Download or Registration?

Shuffle Master is a renowned game developer in the market. Thus, to play Shuffle Master slots for free, you just need to click a game icon at Bestslots. Our website lets you find all the games with a simple search. Thus, we recommend you to hop on and start playing free Shuffle Master pokies to get a real taste of what they feel like.

Shuffle Master Free Slot Games for Newbies

SHFL Entertainment has a diverse list of games for newbies. The entire point of their free games is to give you a taste of their raving collection. Their free online slots for newbies are a great catch. Even though the loading time for the games is a bit slow, we think it’s worth the wait, especially if you’re new.

But before we give you a list of games you should try out, here’s a list of reasons we selected these games for new players:

  1. The games have a moderate RTP of 95-96%. The RTP of these games is a factor in our selection because it helps new players create level expectations from slot games. The world of online gambling appears to be eccentric. Hence, we feel that free Shuffle Master slots help shape expectations regarding online slots effectively.
  2. Gameplay is simple and smooth. For new players, knowing what a quality game feels like is very important. Hence, the gameplay of SHFL’s casino slot games is a new experience for newbies. If you’re a newbie in online gambling, playing these games will help you familiarize yourself with the game rules, how to spin the reels, what pay lines are, how to land free spins and unlock the progressive jackpot, etc.
  3. Graphics is a great part of the game experience. If you’re a new user, you will need a game that suits your aesthetic palette. Some of the Shuffle Master online games are exactly tailored to the same requirement. Each game has its own unique style. Thus, these games will help you pick and choose the graphics and game experience that suit you the best.

Now that we’ve listed down the factors of consideration, here’s a comprehensive list of the games and the type of gameplay they offer:

  • Dance of Drums: Simplistic and Thrilling
  • Deep Sea Magic: Mystery and Adventure
  • Very Fruity: Eccentric and Fun
  • Endless Treasure: Smooth and Soothing
  • Eureka Reel Blast: Thrilling and Fun

We recommend you start playing these Shuffle Master games for free. They’re diverse and will give you an idea of what kind of games you’re good at!

Top 3 Shuffle Master Slots of the Year

Now that we’ve rounded up all the slots for Shuffle Master, it’s time to pick the top three Shuffle Master slots. Our picks are based on gameplay, heritage, and overall game performance:

  • 88 Fortunes: This Shuffle Master pokie is one of the easiest to play. Additionally, it has a higher theoretical RTP and a list of amazing features too! Thus, we could not have dropped this game from our list of the best Shuffle Master slot games of the year.
  • Deep Sea Magic: Deep Sea Magic is a game you may have come across recurrently in our blog. That’s the biggest reason for this game being one of the top 3 by Shuffle Master. It tops the charts in terms of game experience, gameplay, load time, and RTP!
  • Endless Treasure: Finishing the list of the top 3 Shuffle Master free slots, Endless Treasure is mysterious. The game belongs to the genre of “Adventure’, however, offers an extremely unique game experience.

Free Shuffle Master Pokies for Android/iOS

Most of the Shuffle Master games we have mentioned are available on your mobile device, whether it’s Android or iOS. 

Starting from Very Fruity to games like Dance of Drums and Deep Sea Magic, you’ll find that you can play them on various mobile platforms. The games run quite smoothly on your smartphones. Further, we personally feel the game experience is more immersive on your mobile device!

Shuffle Master Free Slot Machines – Hits and Misses

Shuffle Master’s slots are definitely some of the best in the industry. But no game developer can truly develop games without caveats. Hence, we’ve concocted a list of the hits and misses for Shuffle Master games.

✅ Great Gameplay❌ Low Game RTP
✅ Good Game Graphics❌ High Game Load Time
✅ Simple Game Interface❌ Fewer Number of New Titles

Shuffle Master Free Slots: Our Takeaway

Rounding it all up, here’s what we think. SHFL Entertainment has as much potential as they had when they were called Shuffle Master. 

The reason for that is their base is very strong in game-making. What we feel is missing from their collection is attention to the finer details. Thus, however, if the game developer can fix this for their online slots, they will be golden. The areas we believe need further improvement are game RTPs, game load speeds on smartphones and PC, and the roster of titles available. Apart from that, Shuffle Master has quite the collection of games that new Australian players can play easily at Bestslots. Thus, pick your choice of Shuffle Master pokie game and spin the reel right away!


  • Are free Shuffle Master slots available for Australian punters?

    Yes, Shuffle Master pokies are available for Australian punters online. You can play these free games on our website!

  • Can I play Shuffle Master free online slots?

    Yes, you can play free Shuffle Master slots online. Our website has quite a collection of these pokies.

  • What free Shuffle Master slot games should I choose?

    You can select any game you like and start spinning. In this article, we’ve mentioned a few worthy titles that we think will suit the majority of gamblers.