Terms & Conditions

1. General Conditions

1.1. This Document applies to everyone who uses or accesses http://bestsslots.com. By accessing this Site, you agree to be bound by this Document.

1.2. If you disagree with this Document, cease accessing and don't use this Site.

2. User Obligations

2.1. The User agrees:

2.1.1. Not to do anything with the Site that violates this Document or applicable law.

2.1.2. Not to leave comments or entries that may be considered to violate the law.

2.1.3. Not to perform actions, which lead or may lead to malfunctioning of this Site, including, without limitation, the use of malicious software or devices, deliberate actions to access the data of this Site, prohibited collection or transfer of information through hacking, data extraction, password theft, etc.

2.2. The use of materials on this Site without the consent of the copyright holders isn't allowed.

2.3. The User has no right to copy any information posted on this Site, which is available to them before and after registration.

2.4. The User is forbidden to make any actions infringing upon the rights and interests of the Owners of this Site.

2.5. The Owners of this Site shall be entitled to block the User's account and, depending on the violation, file a claim against the User.

2.6. Inaction on the part of the Owners of this Site in case of violation of the provisions of this Document by the User doesn't deprive the Owners of this Site of the right to take later actions to protect their interests.

2.7. The Owners of this Site aren't responsible for visiting and using any external resources that may be linked to this Site.

3. Personal Data

3.1. The procedure for processing personal data and measures to ensure the security of personal data are set out in the Privacy Policy.

3.2. An up-to-date version of this Policy is freely available on this Site.

4. Feedback System

4.1. The User has the opportunity to communicate with representatives of this site via the feedback system.

4.2. The Owners of this Site reserve the right to leave a message unanswered if the message contains profanity or other offensive sentences, as well as if the message doesn't contain a question or its text exactly determines the lack of the need to respond to the message.

4.3. The User may leave comments in the appropriate section of this Site. However, the Owner of this Site shall be entitled to block the User and/or delete his/her comment if this comment:

4.3.1. Violates the rights and interests of other Users.

4.3.2. Contains profanity or other offensive sentences that humiliate the Users and/or can cause them moral harm.

5. Other Terms 

5.1. This Document shall be valid indefinitely.

5.2. All disputes and disagreements under this Document are recommended to be resolved through the exchange of electronic messages by means of email.  

5.3. This Site isn't responsible for:

5.3.1. Disruptions occurring in telecommunications and power networks.

5.3.2. The actions of malicious programs, resulting in the termination or suspension of the Internet.

5.3.3. Illegal actions of third parties aimed at unauthorized access and / or disabling this Site.

5.4. The Owner of this Site shall have the right to change and supplement the terms and conditions of this Document, ensuring the publication of such changes and supplements on this Website at least one day prior to their coming into force. The User shall familiarize himself/herself with this Document. If the User continues to use the Site, it means that such changes are accepted by the User.