Free Offline Slots

As soon as you hear slot games, the sparkly lights and noisy atmosphere of a casino flash across your mind. But did you know you can play the same games offline for free? That's right! As much as players are fond of slot games, the demand for free offline slots also increases daily.

Free Offline Slots for Aussies

Free offline slot games are quite similar to old-school land casinos, but the only difference is they can be played while you are on the move, which is not possible in a land casino. It can be played without the internet while you are on the go!

With hundreds of options available for offline games, perhaps you might need help with how to play them and the top free slots to play offline in Australia. And you have come to the right place for help. So, without making any more delays, let’s dive into the article to get more insights on offline slots.

Guide to Play Free Offline Slot Games

First things first, to play free slots offline, you need to find slot machines that can be played without the availability of the internet as well. The easiest way to find out is to look for casinos that offer offline slot games.

Offline slot games allow you to enjoy the thrill and excitement of gameplay without requiring an internet connection. But to enjoy it to the fullest, you need to know how to pick an offline slot that suits you the best.

What are Free Offline Slot Machines?

So far, we have only discussed free offline slot games, but you also need to know about the free offline slot machines. Well, as the name says, these free offline slot machines allow players to enjoy the pokies without requiring an internet connection.

You can find a bunch of free offline casino slot games on these machines. So, go through all of them and pick your favourite. However, certain aspects can help you find better pokie machines. For example, the RTP, bonuses, and jackpots.

So, before you pick one for yourself, make sure you delve into the casino slot games and get a good idea about them. In that way, you can find an exciting slot and get the same thrill as you get while playing in online casinos.

However, like any other free slots, offline pokies have their own set of pros and cons. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons


  • Internet connection is not required,
  • Can be played offline anywhere and anytime,
  • Available varieties of free slots,
  • The slots are easily accessible.



  • No bonuses or promotions are available for offline slots,
  • Not all the slots are compatible with every device.

Main Rules for Free Offline Slot Machine Games

It is similar to playing any video slot games on your devices. All you have to ensure is that the free offline slot machine games you picked are supported on the device you want to play.

Also, make sure to go through the terms and conditions of the slot game you picked and give it a thorough read. It is an important step that should not be skipped at any cost! Also, make sure the slots are provided by authorised software providers and comply with the regulations of the area of your residence.

Other than that, there are no specific rules that you must abide by. However, free slot games offline have different sets of rules for the players. And to play those pokie machines, you are required to follow them accordingly. Otherwise, you will end up losing a lot of rounds!

Where to Look for Fun & Free Offline Slots?

It may look complicated to look for free slot machines offline, but it’s quite the opposite in reality. Bestslots offer offline free slots on any device. We will take you to the most popular slots out there that you can play offline for free.

Along with the list, you will be provided with various information concerning these free games. You can find the RTP, Jackpots, Theme, and a secured link redirecting you to the game itself. With all the information clustered in one place, it becomes much easier to choose by comparing all the essential data.

There is also a download option available for these slot games. With this, players can download them on their devices and play wherever they want. However, we are going to circle back to the download version of the offline slots later on!

Top 5 Free Offline Slots in Australia

Now that you are well aware of the free offline slots, the rules to play, and how to find them, let’s look at the top 5 free offline slots available for the Aussies. With the fantastic features and progressive jackpots, the slots will ensure you have a unique gambling experience throughout your time there.

List of top 5 free offline slots for the Aussies:

  • Wizard of Oz,
  • Monopoly,
  • Kronos Unleashed,
  • 88 Fortunes,
  • Bier Haus.

The slots are popular for various reasons that include bonuses, promotions, free spins, and jackpots. To get a good look at what these different slots have to offer, we have provided a brief review below.

Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz slot is quite popular among players because of its availability of both online and offline versions. The slot depicts a lot of characters from the OG movie. So, if you are someone who loves the movie, this slot is the right one for you!

Wizard of Oz comes with five reels and a total of 30 paylines. The slot has an RTP of 95.99%, with 243 ways to win the slot. Not to mention the exciting bonus rounds and lucrative jackpots it offers. The slot has characters like Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Dorothy, and Scarecrow from the movie captured in their symbols.


Next up, we have the monopoly, now you can rarely find players who aren’t aware of the monopoly slot. It is one of the most fun and exciting slots that come with multiple bonus options and jackpot offers. There are many versions of this slot game. However, the Monopoly Big Event is the most played.

This game can be played both offline and online and comes with a total of five reels and 20 paylines. The bonus games allow the players to choose between the locked and dancing wild symbols to boost their chances of winning.

Kronos Unleashed

Provided by WMS/SG Digital, Kronos Unleashed is a Greek mythology-themed slot game to play offline. Furthermore, it is a five-reel slot with eight rows and has a total of 60 paylines. The 3D animation setup of the slot has taken it to a whole new level.

Not to mention the dynamic soundtrack and extraordinary graphics and theme of the slot, once you spin the reels, it increases your chances to hit the re-spins, free spins and even hit one of the five fixed jackpots available in the slot.

Also, the lightning respins bonus features can get you a total of three re-spins. On top of that, the number of reels can be increased to 12 with a total of 100 paylines.

88 Fortunes

Provided by Shuffle Master/SG Digital, 88 Fortunes is an Asian-themed offline slot game that comes with a total of 5 reels. With an RTP of 96%, 88 Fortunes is one of the offline slots with the highest payout.

The bonus offers available in this slot are pretty attractive and make the players immersed in the gameplay.

Ten free games can be triggered with the appearance of 3 to 5 gong symbols on the screen. Also, the free spins bonus that comes along with the slot is quite noteworthy. Last but not the least, with the Fu Bat Jackpot feature, players can win one among the four fixed prizes determined for this offline slot.

Bier Haus

Another famous offline slot provided by WMS is the Bier Haus, which takes the players to enjoy the jinks with a Bavarian barmaid, Heidi. The slot comes with 5 reels and 4 rows, with a total of 40 paylines.

The slot has wild substitutions, and two scatter symbols that make the slot more enjoyable. However, the main highlight of this famous slot is its free spin bonus rounds. The players have a chance to win up to 80 free spins, depending on the number of scatter symbols they were able to trigger.

Best Free Offline Slot Games of 2022

Recently, the hype of the free slots offline has surpassed the hype-free online slots have created for themselves. However, among them, a few have been able to make a name for themselves in the gambling industry.

With that being the case, there are a few slot games that have been considered the best free offline slot games of 2022 for Australian players. We have named a few of the best offline slot games for free for the year 2022.

They are decided based on their brand name, RTP, jackpots, bonuses, and free spins. And the slots are 88 Fortunes, Kronos Unleashed, Wizard of Oz, Monopoly, and Bier Haus.

So, if you reside in Australia and don’t want to miss out on them, pick one of these slots and start playing! You will have a good time if you manage to get your hands on these stunning deals and offers.

There are instant plays available for all the above-mentioned slots. So, you can try all of the slots instantly and decide on a favourite. Later on, download your desired slot and play anytime you feel like it without having a stable internet connection.

Free Offline Slots With No Download Hassle

Our offline slots require no download to have access to them. There is no need to go through the complicated registration process, provide a hell lotta information, and then have access to play them. It doesn’t require any  deposit bonuses to start the game.

These slots come with stunning jackpot offers and unique features that will ensure you a good time. It also has an instant play option that allows players to play the game instantly. As most of them are compatible with any mobile device, the players can play the free online slots on both Android and iOS devices.

There are more than thousand titles, and no download games are available on our platform. The players can pick any of the games from the bundle that seems attractive enough for them and start playing! 

Nevertheless, it is always a fun and exciting experience to try different slots out, explore games’ features and make memories all the way!

Popular Free Offline PC Slot Games

Talking about offline pokies, it is always great to have them on your computer, especially when you don’t have any internet connection available. As mentioned earlier, we have a variety of free slot machine games for PC offline in the pocket as well.

These poker machines are compatible with any PC with an operating system of Windows 7, 8, and 10. So, we have put together a list of offline free slots that can be played on PC for Aussie players. Let’s have a glimpse of it.

Best Free Offline Pc Slot Games

  • Lucky 88,
  • Queen of the Nile II,
  • Avalon II,
  • Thunderstruck II,
  • 50 Lions.

Each of these slots is famous for its unique graphics, theme, and soundtracks. Not to mention the features and jackpots offered that never fail to amaze the players! All of these ensure the players are coming back to play them again.

Free Offline Slots for Mobile Devices

Free offline slots for mobile devices are available in our app, which you can download on your phone and play anytime, anywhere! You can play your favourite slots, pokie game, and other casino games. This requires no formal registration, no providing of bank credentials, proof of ID and no deposit.

You can simply go to your Google Play Store or App store and get the app downloaded on your phone. But before you download it, make sure they are compatible with your device. Otherwise, you won’t be able to have flawless gaming experience.

Let’s get into more detail about the free offline slot games for Android and iOS devices. As some apps are not supported on both operating systems.

Offline Slots for Android Devices

With the advent of offline slots, it has become much easier to play your favourite slots for fun or even for killing time. But don’t believe us until you see it yourself.

Explore the vast game library and try various providers. And last but not least, check the visual and sound design in every title you play to find which one suits you more

Offline Slots for iOS Devices

Similar to the offline slots for Android devices, you must follow a few steps to get a Bestslots app downloaded for your iOS device. First things first, go to the App Store and look for an app and make sure it’s original one.

Once you downloaded the app make sure to get the most out of it! The user-friendly interface of the app also plays a significant role in the overall gaming experience. So be sure to find a game to your liking and dive into the adventure!


In the digital era, nothing is impossible, and so is enjoying your favourite slot game anywhere, anytime! It has become much easier to play these slots as no internet is required. So, you don’t have to deprive yourself of enjoying the exciting slots just because you don’t have a stable internet connection.

Check out the best free offline slots app that is available for Australian players and start playing. So, don’t be late and check out the offline versions of your favourite slot only at BESTSLOTS.


  • How does the free offline slot work?

    The process to have access to free offline slots is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is look for a BESTSLOTS app and find the game to your liking. Lastly, check if the app is supported on the device you want to play or not. Download the app and start playing immediately without needing to register or deposit anything.

  • How can I play offline free slot machines on mobile?

    To play offline free slot machines on mobile, you need to get our app that has all your favorite slots.

  • Is it necessary to download free slots for offline access?

    It is required to download free slots app from BestSlots for offline access. As the slots are played without any internet connection, you need to have the app installed on your device.

  • What are free offline slots available for the Aussies?

    There are a lot of free offline slots that are available for Australian players. To name a few, we have Willy Wonka Slot, 88 Features, Wizard of Oz, Bier Haus, Kronos Unleashed, and many more.